Morava is a grape variety created by hybridization the Rhine Riesling and seedlings SK 86-2 / 293 at the Sremski Karlovci vineyard. The specificity of the seedling lies in the fact that it carries genes of several varieties resistant to diseases and low temperatures. As a promising and high-quality variety, it was spoken by Serbian experts, dr. Petar Cindric, Vlada Kovac, and Nada Korac. Morava is characterized by its juicy green berry and specific taste.

Through history

It was recognized as a grape variety in 2003. It has been commercialized, and over the last few years, wineries have embraced it and started planting it. It produces the white wine of the same name with characteristic herbal aromas, which most closely resemble Sauvignon. Of course, the notes of the vineyard peach dominate. Experts believe that it can produce high-quality white wine. That is why it is considered a variety that has the potential to raise white wines in Serbia to a higher level.

Morava trivia

Origin: Morava is a newly grown Serbian grape variety.
Other countries: There is currently no information on the spread of this variety.
Features and aromas: Dry white wine with a beautiful light yellow color. The fragrance captures the notes of meadow flowers and dried grass, while playful acids dominate the taste with fruity notes of peach.
Wine color: Light yellow
Alcohol: 13% vol.
Food Composition: Chicken, mushrooms, fish.

Aguara chocolate dedicated to Morava wine

Pairing and testing have been done with several types of milk chocolate with Morava wines or different blends. The wines we paired with this chocolate are the Morava by wineries Jelic and Despotika and as a blend of three different grape varieties the Three Moravian Temet wineries.

Aguara milk chocolate with melon, apple, and peach is the ideal pair with mustard wine. It is our great pleasure to confirm this to you and my dear customers.