Chocolate and wine seem entirely incompatible for most. What makes chocolate and wine an ideal and almost perfect match? For those who like to enjoy the wonderful pairing of chocolate and wine, we give a couple of tips and techniques to turn this combination into your favorite sweet ritual.

chocolate and wine tasting

Tip Nº1 – Try the wine first

Always try the wine first! Always try the wine first! If you try chocolate before wine tasting, your palate will be covered with cocoa butter, which will diminish the true perception of wine aromas, and later on the harmony of the chocolate and wine pairing.

Tip Nº2 – Take care of your palates

If you pair more wines with different types of chocolate, be sure to clean the palate between the pairing you want to enjoy. We suggest you do this with water. It is also important to start with white chocolate paired with white wines and finish with more complex dark chocolate with wines.

Tip Nº3 – Follow tasting flow, white and red wines

When pairing chocolate and wine, the course of tasting is essential. It always comes from white chocolate served with white wines and then slowly, step by step, goes to more complex dark chocolate and red wines.

Tip Nº4 – Experiment and don’t be afraid of new flavors

When pairing chocolate and wine, we advise you to be open to new tastes and combinations. By experimenting with flavors you can come up with some unbelievable combinations. The fact that you like the combination of only white chocolate with white wine does not necessarily mean that you will not like some other combinations, for example, milk chocolate with white wine or white chocolate with red wine. Be open, try as many different combinations as possible and experiment with tastes. So that is a perfect way for discovering the best combination which will match your taste.

How to taste chocolate and wine like a professional?

Do not be afraid of new challenges and new experiences. That’s what every true professional knows and is strictly committed to. During the chocolate and wine tasting, the following two steps are essential:

Tip Nº1

Always try the wine first.

Tip Nº2

Take a piece of chocolate and let it slowly melt in your mouth. Then take a small sip of wine, so you glide it down to your throat slightly.

After these two steps, ask yourself a few questions. Is wine better tasting with chocolate or without it? Do you have intensified alcohol in wine? Are chocolate aromas fit with wine aromas? Have you experienced a new taste in chocolate and wine tasting that made you surprised?

Answering these questions will give you the right guidance and the next steps you need to move to get your perfect pairing.

Now that you’ve learned how to pair chocolate and wine, it’s a perfect moment to further enrich your knowledge with chocolate tasting tips.