Probus is a black grape variety created by crossing Skadarka and Cabernet Sauvignon at the Institute of Fruit and Viticulture in Sremski Karlovci. The authors are Dr. Dragi Milisavljevic, Dr. Sima Lazic, and Dr. Vladimir Kovac. The variety was recognized in 1983
It was named after the Roman emperor Probus, who in the 3rd century AD. restored viticulture in Fruška Gora. Today it can be found in a couple of vineyards in Fruska Gora. There is intensive work on its further development in commercialization.


Origin: Serbia
Other countries: No additional information
Features: The wine has an intense red color, pleasant aroma, and a harmonious taste. It is produced as a dry wine. It has the potential to label and provide premium wines.
Aromas: Plum, blackberry, cherry, black currant, and spice notes dominate the aromas.
Alcohol: 13.5% vol
Food recommendation: game, red meat, and blue cheeses.

Aguara chocolate dedicated to Probus wine

We used two experiments to create the recipe for this Aguara chocolate:
Probus Mrđanin Winery and Probus Deurić Winery. We created dark chocolate with 70% cocoa parts that go great with tannins and aroma-specific flavors. The aromatic complex is enriched with the addition of plums, blackberries, green pepper, and mint. This gourmet chocolate is one of which we are particularly proud of. Check out the link for more on chocolate.