Salt and chocolate, how does that sound to you? Do you like to try new and different flavor combinations? Sweet and spicy, salty and sweet, sour and sweet, sour and spicy … and so on.

Would you try a combination of sweet and salty?

If your answer is NO, then these are the lines you must read.

If you were told that a little salt was always added when making chocolate, would that change your answer and attitude on this matter?

If he is still the same, and you are adamant that this is a combination that does not work, it is up to us to convince you through this text. We understand your disbelief, confusion, and astonishment, so we have dedicated this topic to this seemingly incongruous and incongruous combination.

Let’s start from the beginning. Sweet, salty, bitter, sour, and angry are the five primary flavors from which numerous combinations can be created. We come across different combinations of essential characteristics, as well as their unusual combinations and variations that are a blend of the tradition and culture of the climate from which they originate. In our tradition, sugar is exclusively associated with sweets and desserts, while salt is associated with gourmet specialties. So what’s the trick in pairing salty and sweet?

The reason why salt is injected into chocolate lies in the fact that salt activates taste receptors not only for salty but also for bitter and sour. Salt is essential for the balance of acidity and bitterness. Imagine now dark chocolate of the distinctive cocoa sharpness and the salt that subtly adds or better enhances its aromas.

Do you find this combination more acceptable and understandable now?

Suppose your answer is this time, Of course, it seems! We have clearly concluded that in the manufacture of chocolate, salt is added to emphasize the aroma of cocoa from which chocolate is obtained. Now let’s go one step further. Let’s continue experimenting.

How about you try black chocolate with bits of sea salt. Well, that’s another story that requires a compulsory tasting and theory test in practice.

There are different combinations of salt and chocolate. We are most interested in those where different types of salt are used, such as Himalayan, sea, kitchen (sodium), brown salt, as well as a mixture of salts with dried spices and flowers. Depending on the amount added, the aroma, and the type of chocolate with which it is combined, it is really possible to create brand new pleasures and unrealistic imaginative combinations.

We will admit that the combination of milk chocolate with pieces of salted caramel never repels us, on the contrary …

If you haven’t tried any of the sweet and savory flavors so far, we suggest you do so as soon as possible. Our recommendation is to start with those where the main stars are salt and chocolate in different varieties. We are sure that very soon after the tasting you will see that you have tried something special. That is something new and something that you have been waiting for. And then, when your senses sense new possibilities, your happiness will not end.

Inspired by the combination of chocolate and salt, we created a cocoa beverage with green cardamom and Inca salt. Check it out here.