We are pleased to announce the Traminer Festival in Ilok, which will be held on June 27, 2020. In addition to the exhibition of Traminer wines from a large number of countries such as Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Austria … A particular emphasis will be placed on various workshops. We will pair the predicate wines of Ilok cellars with our chocolates, which are especially valuable to us. All participants will be able to enjoy the following combinations:

Combination 01:
Aguara milk chocolate with added goat cheese and freeze-dried orange and Traminac optional berry harvest

Combination 02:
Aguara white chocolate with caramel, freeze-dried apple, freeze-dried lemon, freeze-dried melon and cinnamon and Traminac selective harvest of dried berries

Combination 03:
Aguara white chocolate with freeze-dried orange with peel, freeze-dried melon, freeze-dried peach, cinnamon, ginger and Traminac late harvest.

If on June 27, the road leads you to Ilok, we suggest that you definitely visit this festival.