Kadarka is a black grape variety that has a long tradition in the Balkans, especially in Serbia. It’s origin has not been determined with certainty, and there are, therefore, different theories. According to one, the Kadarka came from Skadar Lake and was sometimes called the Skadarka. While the other considers it as the autochthonous Hungarian variety.

Through history

It was challenging to determine precisely where it came from until the French geneticists carried out an analysis for this variety. The results of that research showed that it is certainly an indigenous variety of Serbia. One of the strongest proofs of this is the fact that Prokupac is her distant cousin. What is terrible about Kadarka is that it has far more outlets now than in Serbia itself. In Hungary, Kadarka is trying to be appropriated, and for a long time, this variety has been acquired by our northern neighbors. A cursory glance at where it is found most indicates that it is in the area towards Serbia.

Whatever Kadarka is, it is a grape that has significant predispositions and from which it produces excellent wines.

Kadarka trivia

Origin: Serbia
Other countries: Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, and Hungary
Features: This grape is highly resistant to drought and is one of the most adaptable varieties on the sand. The wine is drinkable, harmonious, with a specific varietal taste. Depending on the age, wines are produced that differ in color and flavor: classic red, shiller, rose and dessert. When the autumn is warm and dry, Kadarka produces quality red wine with a medium-bodied ruby ​​red, fruity aromatic with beautiful acids and moderate alcohol. White and pink sparkling wines can be made from cadets.
Wine color: Ruby red
Alcohol: about 13% vol
Aromas: fruity aromas like cherry, plum, cherry.
Food recommendation: red meat, white, and bluefish, prosciutto, aged cheeses, chocolate desserts with berries.

Aguara chocolate dedicated to Kadarka wine

We had the honor and pleasure to create this special chocolate in conjunction with the Tonković winery, which is the only one in Serbia that produces only a Kadarka. You can find more about their wines here, and about our chocolate at the following link.