Prokupac is an old autochthonous variety of Serbia, which according to some records, was cultivated during the time of Emperor Lazar. Today it is mostly grown in central Serbia, Macedonia, and less in Bulgaria. Synonyms for Prokupac are kameničarka, rskavac, niševka, nikodimka, zarčin, crnina, crnka, prokupka, skopsko crno…

Through history

This variety is almost a millennium old, though its first mention is related to Emperor Lazar and Empress Milica. According to available documents, Prokupac was first mentioned at the end of the fourteenth century in the charter of Empress Milica. The Slovenian name Prokuplje was used for the first time in these writings, so we can relate the name Prokupac to this period. According to unofficial estimates, almost 5,000 hectares of vineyards were planted in the Toplica region during that period. The increase and expansion of Prokupac, except for the Toplica region, is closely connected to the nearby Župa where this variety is domesticated. Today, the Parish is considered the unofficial capital of Prokupac.

Prokupac trivia

Origin: Serbia
Other countries: Macedonia and Bulgaria.
Characteristics: Red wine of fresh and complex aroma of ripe red fruit, with a moderate, delicate, well-balanced structure in taste. Grapes are known for their high percentage of sugar, which creates more alcohol in the wine after fermentation. It is produced as a red wine with a high alcohol content, pink or blended with other varieties. Some producers use it and use it for the production of grapevines and vines.
Color: From intense red-ruby to off-color ruby.
Aromas: Ripe red fruit, spices (pepper, cinnamon…), chocolate, coffee …
Pairing with food: Fits perfectly with traditional Serbian cuisine, Karadjord’s steak, steak, and other red meats.

Aguara chocolate dedicated to Prokupac wine

When creating this chocolate, we started from the analysis of the wine itself, its structure, styles, alcohol, tannins, and aromas. We did some testing of different milk chocolates with red wine, over a combination of dark chocolate and red wine. During the testing, we enjoyed and sought inspiration in the following wines: the prokupac of Ivanović Wineries, Experiment Cellar Čokot, prokupac of Lila Budimir Winery and prokupac of Doja Winery.
Ours and your impression was that no dark chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa parts, 70% or more, goes with the wine. Merely a higher rate of cocoa in the chocolate, combined with the leek, gives a strong note and override the leek aromas. It even spoils the enjoyment of this couple.

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