Sila is a newly grown grape variety created at the Viticulture Department in Sremski Karlovci and was recognized in 1988. It was named after the initial letters of the name of one of its creators, the famous expert dr. Sime Lazic. In addition to him, his colleagues Dr. Vladimiro Kovac and Dr. Petar Cindric participated in the creation of this variety. The Sila needed time to cope with the illnesses and troubles that lurked it year after year. Thanks to this famous trio, she made it, and today we have the opportunity to be proud of another new variety.

Through history

The Sila was created by crossing the Pannonian stone variety Kevedinka, known as the “Empress” of sand and the international, most famous French white type, chardonnay. She inherited excellent and bad traits from her parents. What is most important, of course, is the fact that it has an authentic and recognizable character that does not leave indifferent.

Sila trivia

Origin: Force is a newly born Serbian variety.
Other countries: There is currently no information on the spread of this variety.
Characteristics: Grapes are born regularly and produce a loose cluster that can hardly accumulate sugar. One of its essential features is combativeness, which makes it easy to deal with gray mold. According to the results so far, her biggest enemy, who often manages to defeat her, is frost. Sil is still being worked on and experimented with, so better results can expect in the future.
Wine color: Straw yellow.
Alcohol: 12-13,5% vol.
Aromas: Sila can be described as a white wine with no distinctive smell, a light, harmonious taste with a discreet, pleasant aroma of chardonnay. We would add that we enjoy her delicate aromas of apple, pear, peach, and subtle floral notes. With her mild acids to taste, you inspire and entice her to find her the perfect gastronomic pair.
Food pairing: Great with light salads, grilled trout, grilled vegetables (zucchini, carrots …) or perch in lemon sauce and neutral sour cream. For meat lovers, we recommend it with a Paris steak (veal) or chicken in sweet apple sauce. Dessert recommended to try in combination with apple pie.

Aguara chocolate dedicated to the wine Sila

When testing the recipe for this chocolate, we tried several combinations of white and milk chocolate with wine Sila. Most people responded precisely to the combination of milk chocolate with white wine as a perfect match. How specific this combination maybe is best described by the story that accompanies Aguara chocolate dedicated to the wine Sila: I am a gentle Aguara, yet I am so powerful in my dedication to Sila, which is force. Mine is of a good kind, the kind of force that inspires, the kind of force that was born by crossing the Pannonian variety Kevedinka, and the most famous French white – Chardonnay. I may be a milk chocolate, but not a simple chocolate, never simple. I hide the flavors of fall within, the flavors of pears and apples, and a bit of cinnamon for a story that has no end.

Here you can find more about the aromas of this chocolate.