The Smederevo vineyards are bordered on one side by the Danube and on the other by the Great Morava. It is characterized by slightly overgrown lowland relief, a relatively stable climate, and fertile soil.

Throughout history

Because of these characteristics, since the fifteenth century, it has been considered ideal for growing vines. According to the available records, Despot Stefan Lazarevic and Djurdj Brankovic were among the most responsible for the expansion of viticulture in this region. In addition to the aforementioned, Milos Obrenovic contributed to the development of viticulture in this area. The leader of the Second Serbian Uprising planted 36 ha of vineyards in a family summer house on the Zlatni Breg site. Good quality wines are still being produced at this location and is especially valued among winemakers and winemakers.

Although the tradition of viticulture in the vineyard of Smederevo is more than five centuries old, the wine of Smederevka is mentioned only in the 19th century. At the end of that century, merchants from European countries came to Smederevo to buy grapes and wine, which they then sold in Switzerland, Austria, France, and other countries.

After World War II, Smederevka as a wine was not appreciated and was mainly used for syringes. Fortunately, in recent years, Smederevka has returned to the big door as a quality table wine from Serbia.

Smederevka trivia

Origin: It is considered a Serbian indigenous variety.
Other countries: May be found in Macedonia, Bulgaria, Turkey, and Greece.
Features: White wine with 10.5-12% vol. Alcohol and 6-8 g / l total acids. It is known for its mild taste, which is why it has gained a large number of lovers among wine consumers.
Wine color:
Yellow-green color.
Alcohol: 10,5-12% vol.
Aromas: The wine has pronounced acids with a dominant lemon and lime note.
Food pairing: It goes excellent with river fish.

Aguara chocolate dedicated to Smederevka wine

When creating this chocolate, we had a real challenge to choose one that will not overpower the aromas of Smederevka with its sweetness. It was especially interesting to combine this wine with chocolate because it is not served with dessert.

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