Milk chocolate is one of my favorite deserts today. After numerous unsuccessful attempts, milk chocolate finally became true in 1875. year. What does milk chocolate contain, what are its flavors and why do children love it the most?

Kids milk chocolate is coming!!!

The main milk chocolate ingredients are:
– Cocoa mass,
– Cocoa butter,
– Condensed or powdered milk and
– Sugar..

What makes a difference between milk and dark chocolate is milk content. Cow’s or goat’s milk, which gives the chocolate a specific taste, are mostly used in chocolate production. Milk can be used as condensed or powdered. Industrial milk chocolates contain a minimum of 20% cocoa butter, while small chocolate producers, also known as artisan chocolatiers, usually make chocolates with a higher percentage of cocoa butter that often go up to 32%. Milk chocolates are lighter in color than a dark one, sweeter (they contain a higher percentage of sugar that goes up to 50%) and less cocoa taste in comparison to darker ones.

Some typical chocolate flavors are notes of milk and caramel. One of great chocolate fact is that it perfectly pairs with hazelnuts and other nuts, dried and berry fruits, caramel, various milk creams…

Over time were made very specific milk chocolates with higher milk and calcium percentage.

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In Aguara chocolate assortment there are different dark chocolates with 60% and 70% of cocoa. In Aguara chocolate assortment there are different milk chocolates which are dedicated to wines such as Sila, Morava, Crna Tamjanika and Pinot Noir.