White chocolate may not have such a rich history as dark, but in spite of that, it has managed to gain great popularity among the fans. Often we hear that this chocolate is unhealthy or that it is not chocolate at all. Is that right?

White chocolate

White chocolate is chocolate or maybe not?

Let’s start with its origins It is believed to have originated in 1930. in Switzerland Unlike other types, dark or milk, white chocolate has a different structure. Main white chocolate ingredients are:
– Cocoa butter,
– Sugar,
– Milk powder and
– Vanilla.

This chocolate does not contain any cocoa powder, nor does the chocolate mass be considered “fake chocolate”. The highest percentage of white chocolate consists of sugar (up to 55%), cocoa butter (minimum 20%), milk powder (at least 14%) and milk fat about 3.5%. Often, we can find white chocolate that has a high percentage of sugar or those where cocoa butter is replaced with cheaper vegetable oils. However, if we do not consider the percentage of sugar in it, and if we emphasis cocoa butter, which is not substituted with vegetable oils, we can name white chocolates as chocolates.

Is white chocolate healthy?

Dark and milk chocolate contains caffeine that does not please us all. People who are hypersensitive to caffeine or can not enjoy it because of some health reasons have a good excuse to enjoy just white chocolate. Will your opinion about this chocolate be considered if we say that it contains a lot of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin B2 that are crucial for the proper functioning of the organism and metabolic processes? Based on this we assume you no longer need excuses to enjoy in it as you do in black or milk. Perhaps your excuse will be justified if you enjoy delighting a delicate note of vanilla that complements notes of coconut, strawberry, raspberry, cranberry, coffee yogurts, or some more exotic supplements and spices.
In that case, will you be able to stop trying new pairings?

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